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Aluminium boats for Dubai

A Trade Centre visitor from Dubai looking for New Zealand manufacturers of Aluminum boats.

This visitor from Dubai is looking to talk to companies in New Zealand that are in the business of boat manufacture, of particular interest are those constructed of aluminum.

He believes that with his family connections and background there could well be opportunities within the UAE to create a new market. Glass boats are common in that part of the world at the moment but aluminum is very rare, he wants to change this.    

Based in Wellington makes this man easy to deal with and although I haven’t met him personally I found communication over the phone very easy. I don’t believe this gentleman has a lot of export experience but he certainly has an enthusiasm for the product.

If you happen to be in business producing any of the above types of products and would like to learn more about this company or for a personal introduction, please email me, or call (09) 366 6879