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Anti-rust plastic packaging from Leland

A New Jersey-based company is offering plastic packaging bags specifically designed to stop rust, according to Packaging International citing a report by Gizmag.

Leland – the packaging company -- says its Ultimate VCI Protection bags offer a simpler and more environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional method of preventing rust, which is to spray them with oil.

The bags work because they are lined with what the company describes as “non-toxic” ‘corrosion inhibitors’. The bags are sold in different sizes including 6 x 8 inches and 12 x 18 inches.

The traditional method of preventing rust and corrosion in tools is to spray them with oil before storage, with the oil being wiped off before use.

According to Gizmag, ‘corrosion inhibitors’ release vapours which contain molecules that are attracted to metal surfaces. A layer of molecules “three to five molecules deep” prevents oxidation, which causes rust.

What ‘corrosion inhibitors’ are used is a closely guarded secret, reports Gizmag. Leland’s Lee Stanford told the website: “Much like the Colonel's secret recipe, that is somewhat classified.” - More at Packaging International