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China tells US to relax export controls

China wants the United States to relax its export control on high-tech products, and such a move will benefit both sides, according to a Xinhua News article.

The article, quoting Chinese Commerce Minister Chen Deming, said recently that China hopes the US could relax its control on high-tech products export to China.  He was speaking at a press conference after the 21st Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT) meeting.

Chen said if  the US could lower its high unemployment rate if it could offer substantial trade facilitation to China and largely increase its exports to China.

Countries with trade deficit with China could lift their export controls on China to increase two-way trade, he added.

Chen said China is highly concerned and has high hopes of the proposal made by US President Barack Obama and his administration that the United States will improve its reform on export control regime. -- Source Xinhua News