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Food and health products for China

Mike Taillie the owner of the Trade centre met this visitor yesterday.

While we do get a lot of tyre kickers from China this one appears very genuine. His visit to the Trade Centre was immediately preceded by a meeting with NZTE in where he discussed export opportunities; this would support our thoughts on his serious intentions.

Here in New Zealand until Thursday 9th with his Australian business partner they would love to meet companies that have the time next week. His English is pretty good and  having an Australian business partner travelling with him will ensure there will be no communication issues. 

This could be a very exciting opportunity if you are looking to gain some exposure in China.  This one is worth the effort so email me or call me ASAP to arrange an introduction or contact details.

Of particular interest to these businessmen was pretty much anything to do with the food and heath sector as well as some interest in honey.

If you happen to be in business producing any of the above types of products and would like to learn more about this company or for a personal introduction, please email me, or call (09) 366 6879