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Guangxi province in China to nearly double capacity by 2015

Southeast Guangxi province plans to increase port capacity by 300 million tonnes to 480 million tonnes by 2015, according to the Shipping Gazette, citing Xinhua news.

Over the next five years, Beibu Gulf ports will upgrade capacity to over 330 million tonnes, Xijiang River shipping lane's capacity will come to over 150 million tonnes with the provincial government will upgrading 1,480 kilometre of river navigation channels to accommodate 1,000-tonne vessels.

In the past five years, Guangxi commenced 100 port programmes of which 69 ones have been put into operation with fixed assets investment in shipping six times that of the previous five years.

By the end of 2010, Beibu Gulf port capacity stood at 120 million tonnes while Xijiang River shipping lane, 60.4 million tonnes with an average shipload of 5.14 million tonnes. – Source: Shipping Gazette