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Kiwi exporters can't agree on how to sell apples to OZ

New Zealand apple growers and exporters are fighting each other over the best way to send fruit to Australia, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corp's rural news network.

Apple growers voted for an act of parliament to license all exporters who'd send fruit across the Tasman, but the country's biggest exporter rejected the proposal.

Ian Palmer, chairman of grower group Pipfruits New Zealand, was reported saying this means there'll be no co-ordinated approach to send kiwi apples to Australia.

"I don't think the consumer will notice any difference. What I am concerned about is that we will not have that disciplined approach, which is not good for the market or the New Zealand growers," he said.

"As it currently stands, there is no limitation on anybody exporting fruit into Australia, except meeting the stringent import requirements." Source: ABC.Net