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NZ student wows with bamboo bike design

Melding cultural relevance and sustainable design has won an AUT Master of Philosophy student a spot in the the top 20 of the International Bicycle Design Competition, according to Design Daily.

The design and bicycle, called G2 Greencycle 2nd generation, stemmed from an idea that came to Paulus Maringka while in Indonesia. It's part of Maringka’s two-year research study for his masters degree that focuses on human-centred design.

Research methods were used to capture knowledge and feedback from target groups in Indonesia in order to shape and develop the design process.

“This ensured that the end result would not only be acceptable but also culturally meaningful in a way that would strengthen the user’s relationship with it,” says Maringka.

“The Greencycle 2 provides more than just basic transportation between point A and point B; it provides an environmentally sustainable, meaningful and overall beneficial solution to poorer countries.”

The bicycle is made from bamboo and has innovative features to increase the bicycle’s functionality and load capability aimed at improving the user's way of life.

That includes a splayed rear wheel base to provide a stable surface for heavy load storage/carrying which conventional bicycles do not have and an attachment that has a dual purpose as a wheel barrow for loading goods and as a trailer for carrying goods.

Reaching the top 20 means Maringka now has to a produce a model of his design.

An overall winner will be announced at the Taipei International Cycle Show in March 2012.

-- Source Idealog and Design Daily