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Port of Lyttelton updates post earthquake








Port of Lyttelton Christchurch says on Thursday that container movements in and out of the port via road and rail are continuing as normal while the port is prioritising work following the 5.6 and 6.3 magnitude earthquakes early this week.

Vessel operations should return to normal after midday tomorrow while berthing windows have been suspended until further notice.

“Because of the impact of the earthquakes on container operations, we would like to request the assistance of customers by, wherever feasible, uplifting import cargoes as soon as possible and delaying the delivery of export cargoes for as long as possible.”

The port says it expects to be able to work all general cargo ships as they arrive. Remediation of the Inner Harbour wharves is continuing.

The rest of the port’s operations are as follows:  As a result of the earthquake damage, some access restrictions are in place on No.2 & No.3 wharves, and also on No.7 wharf.

 Limitations remain on CQ2 for car vessels. Car vessels will be worked between container vessel operations on CQ3/4 or in the Inner Harbour on No.2 & No.7 wharves.

 Log receival is operating as normal. Receival and delivery of containers is operating at No.7 wharf.

 The oil berth is expected to be operational for the first vessel due next Monday, 20 June.

 The MLAs (marine loading arms) have been successfully pressure-tested and are ready for the next vessel. Engineering assessments continued today and remediation work will be ongoing over the coming days. -- Source: Press release