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To Russia with love: Heinz Wattie's canned veggies

Heinz Wattie's is shipping it first-ever canned vegetable exports to Russia, according to a report from

Canned peas from Canterbury and corn from the Hawke's Bay will be sold under the Heinz brand, highlighting New Zealand as the Country of Origin.

The Russian label proudly displays a postage symbol with the words: "New Zealand: Special Edition".

Heinz Wattie's Group Export Manager Donald Park says the company has a track record of export success with frozen and canned products, but these are its first products to Russia, a country with which New Zealand has begun negotiating a Free Trade Agreement.

"Russia is a growing market for consumer products, and the Heinz team has identified an opportunity for quality canned vegetables grown in New Zealand."

Park says these products will give Russian consumers a taste of the quality of New Zealand vegetables. Following the expansion of the Hasting facilities in 2000 Heinz Wattie's exports have grown to 55% of production with the major markets being Australia, Japan, Korea, Europe and USA. – Source: