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Aussie favourite choc Aero moves home

Nestle is moving the production of its Aero chocolate bars to Australia after being in Britain for 15 years, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Aero chocolate bars are now being made in the company's Campbellfield factory in Victoria, to a new formula designed to appeal to Australian tastes.

Aero is the latest Nestle chocolate bar to return to Australian production in a strategy the company started about two years ago.

The new version of the bars arrived in shops this week will target mothers aged 28 to 40, a slightly older group than for previous campaigns.

Andrew McIver, Nestle's general manager of confectionary and snacks for Oceania, said research had taught the company that Australians and New Zealanders had quite different tastes in chocolate compared with Europeans and Americans.

Aero will continue to be sold in Britain and made according to the older recipe, but the Australian version will have a ''smoother, creamier'' taste.

The change will add about 1000 tonnes of chocolate a year to production at the Campbellfield plant, and will support about 20 jobs. Nestle has finished a AUD$12 million upgrade of the factory including new technology to produce the signature Aero bubbles.

McIver said the new ad campaign was aimed at appealing to mothers who perceived chocolate as their small treat particularly women aged 28 to 40 with kids.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald