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Californian growers use remote control technology to manage citrus groves

American citrus growers in California are able to monitor and remotely control temperatures affecting their groves using modern software, according to

As the temperatures drop, Valley growers are keeping a close eye on conditions within their citrus groves.

From his office at Fowler Packing, CFO Jim Bates was able to monitor the temperatures at a mandarin orange grove in in Dinuba. The software also allows him to control wind machines remotely. "The temperatures are just right there at that level where damage can occur if they're not protected," Bates was quoted saying. The computer program also makes it possible to automate fans so they turn on when temperatures reach a preset level.

Bates said some mandarin growers have already reported damage related to the freezing temperatures.

According to growers, fruit that's already ripe has a higher sugar content that helps protect it, but it's the later crop that's causing concern. "Some of our later maturing mandarins are providing the greatest amount of heartburn because that antifreeze is not there; it's probably about two degrees more susceptible to a frost event," said Bates.