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Food agent doubles as deodorant?

A new fragrance confectionery that claims to leave the consumer smelling like roses has hit the shelves recently, according to

The new fragrance confectionery is deemed as one of the most innovative products to be introduced, according to Product Launch Analytics (PLA) which seeks out innovative products worldwide.

The manufacturer of Alpi Deo Perfume Candy claims that when the sweets are consumed, the skin emits rose oil components contained in the confectionery product in the form of an ingredient called geraniol.

PLA director Tom Vierhile told that the company has seen a handful of chewing gum products in Japan that have been formulated with geraniol and have had a body fragrancing benefit.

“Countries that have more sensitivity to issues like hygiene and body odor may make good candidates for this type of product,” said Vierhile.

Beyond gum, this is the only other category to have a product with any kind of body fragrancing feature, according to the analyst.

Vierhile said it is too soon to say whether or not something like this could create a new niche market for itself.

“But it is certainly an intriguing idea,” he said, “We will have to see if similar products start emerging around the globe.”

Consumers in Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Hungary will be the first to try the rose fragranced confectionery, according to the analyst.

A market where this product could be popular would be countries where consumers have a higher than average interest in fine fragrances, claims Vierhile. The confectionery would appear to have some potential to either replace or complement fine scents, he said.

In terms or target audience, the analyst said that, based on the product packaging and scent, female consumers would be the target audience.

“We would imagine that younger female consumers in particular would be the target,” said Vierhile. – Source: