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NZ Heitiki infant formula meets export rules -- MAF

New Zealand's Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has cleared Heitiki infant formula of food and safety export regulations concerns.

This follows ongoing MAF investigation into Kiaora New Zealand, marketers of Heitiki infant formula. The next phase of investigation will focus on whether the labelling and marketing of the product has been misleading, MAF says.

MAF compliance and enforcement director Geoff Allen says the investigation has been underway for about 10 days.

“The investigation was triggered by our internal surveillance. The investigation was primarily on whether there was a food safety issue, and I’m pleased to report that no food safety issues were identified.

“The investigation then moved to other food issues relating to the origin and export destination of the product. Again, nothing untoward was identified.

“The product is manufactured in New Zealand according to the relevant legal requirements.

“The investigation has now turned to the labelling and marketing of the product. This aspect is ongoing, and seeks to identify anything in the labelling or marketing that is inaccurate or misleading.

“If issues identified under this phase of the investigation fall outside MAF’s jurisdiction, we will refer the issue to the relevant authority.” -- Source Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry website