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Wool packaging for chilled, frozen products

The Wool Packaging Company in the UK has come up with an award-winning eco alternative to oil-based insulated packaging for delivering and distributing temperature sensitive goods.

woolcool® wool insulation is said to out-performing polystyrene and polyethylene insulated packaging.

The company’s website says its sheep wool insulation has been proven to be twice as efficient for keeping chilled or frozen contents (below 5°c for a minimum of 24 hours) consistently cool for longer.

Highly versatile, woolcool® has been developed with Patents Pending, for use as insulation in a number of temperature sensitive applications and markets, including flexible packaging, pharmaceutical and horticulture.

The packaging material is made using 100% pure wool; is sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable. The natural sheeps wool insulation is hygienically sealed in recyclable food-grade wrap to create cushioning liners for a range of recycled and recyclable cardboard delivery boxes.

Supplied flat packed, woolcool® packaging makes bulk ordering practical and cost effective even when storage space is limited. – More at The Wool Packaging Company